multainer computing environments

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Simple commands run in containers behind-the-scenes

Bulker builds drop-in replacements to command line-tools that act just like native tools, but run in containers. If you load pandoc with bulker, you'll invoke it in a shell with pandoc, but it actually runs in a container. Bulker wraps the container details like "docker run -it --volume ...".

You'll be using containers without knowing it.

Share interactive, multi-container environments

Bulker saves and shares interactive, containerized environments. Unlike existing container engines, the atomic unit for bulker is not an individual container, but a collection of them. Load multiple tools into your interactive shell with one command: bulker load namespace/toolset. Bulker simplifies distributing and creating multi-tool computing environments, without creating a single bloated image.

Unify across servers, cloud, and local computing

Bulker is a layer on top of any container system (e.g. docker or singularity). Differences are handled by bulker, so the user interface is uniform, regardless of host. Replace your legacy environment modules, and use a single setup across servers, the cloud, and your laptop. Think of bulker as a lightweight wrapper to simplify sharing and using modular multi-container compute environments.